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Bidnamic is a marketing technology platform that helps retailers unlock the full potential of Google Shopping.



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We have been truly thrilled by the results the Bidnamic platform has delivered for us, increasing our revenue by 60% whilst significantly reducing the cost to acquire customers


Director Stitch & Story

Why Google Shopping frustrates retailers

When asked, most retailers confess to having a love-hate relationship with Google Shopping

Difficult to predict the right cost per click

Hundreds of variables come together to impact the performance of every click, making it very difficult to predict

Misspent hundreds of hours on campaign management 

Ever growing complexity and competition makes managing campaigns time consuming and takes you away from growing the business

Lack of clarity on performance and adspend

It can be difficult to track and attribute performance to the right touch point that really generated the sale

Stressed by ever rising cost per click

Rising competition from new retailers has resulted in cost per click prices rising faster than ever and this is compounding year on year

Dependent on repeat sales that never come

Today many retailers find it difficult to be profitable on first purchase, so they need to focus on future repeat sales 

Sounds familiar ? 


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Why Google Shopping matters for your business

High Intent

Reach shoppers at the moment they are actively searching to buy what you sell

High Volume

Give your products visibility on the most popular site in the world, generating billions in sales

Loyal Customers

Amazon and eBay give you orders, Google Shopping give you loyal customers, who will buy again

We had all of these problems and more whilst scaling our own eCommerce store DIZINGA, so we developed the solution. Bidnamic has enabled us to dominate Google Shopping profitably and at scale with complete peace of mind.


CEO DIZINGA | Bidnamic

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